The 2024 Thriving Healers Program

I invite you to close your eyes.

Imagine that you’re building your practice from a place of deep inner connection. You're doing what you love MOST and witnessing your clients experience deep and meaningful transformation.

Now imagine being lovingly guided each step of the way, surrounded by a powerful community of your fellow healers.

This is Thriving Healers.

Our incredibly intimate, high-level group mentorship program is reserved for a maximum of 18 incredible practitioners who are READY to build their healing practice with integrity through our step-by-step guidance and sacred healing container.

Our team will guide you, support your inner journey and ignite the spark within you to take aligned actions, attract clients and make a great living in your healing practice.

Julie Migneault, Founder of Thriving Healers

You'll be the first to be invited to apply for the 2024 Thriving Healers Program! We book up entirely every year (for many years), and spots will go quickly.

There is no shortage of human suffering on the planet.

there is great need for healers like you.

So WHY is it so hard to find a steady flow of clients and be successful as a professional healer?
If you're like MOST practitioners, the struggle is real!
  • You have no idea how to find a steady stream of clients.
  • ​You struggle to explain what you do so people understand the value.
  • ​Pricing and charging what your services are worth brings up fear and resistance.
  • ​Feelings of self-doubt stop you in your tracks.
  • Feelings of self-doubt stop you in your tracks.
  • ​Your income is unpredictable at best! 
Learning how to facilitate transformation is half of the journey as a practitioner. The other half is mastering the skill of marketing with integrity.
Without both parts, you'll likely end up spinning your wheels....
If you’re like me, perhaps you’re inundated with the next "bright and shiny object" or Secret marketing “method” that may be the magic bullet and solve all your problems.

I don’t have that to offer you.

What I do have to offer are tried and true foundations to building a healing practice that starts from the inside out.


It requires inner work. It requires trusting what’s right and true for you.

And it requires a willingness to grow and be seen.

Kylie made $80,000 after 2 months in Thriving Healers

while working 50% FEWER hours each month

"Within 2 months of joining the Thriving Healers program, I booked 10 clients for my six month program and one client for my 8 month program.  I made $80,000.

Before Thriving Healers program I was living on my savings.  I didn't know where clients were going to come from week by week.  I was struggling working with client session by session, really trying to hard to follow my passion.

Now I am able to wake up every day and not worry about what I make next week.  I have a very sustainable income.  I can use my heart and all of my energy to be with all of my clients.  It's such a beautiful place."

-Kylie Dang, Energy Healer

Walking the path of a healer requires a deep integration of inner work and aligned action

For me, this supposed “business building” journey has ALWAYS been the soul journey of embodiment. It's about living my truth in my daily, messy, human life. And it's about giving to others from a place of fullness.

It’s been a journey of mastering the soul curriculum that is uniquely mine to work with and it grows me in ways that I desire to grow.

This path is about learning how to take my deep inner growth into the way I live my life and show up for my calling. And of listening to the voice of my soul and following it through the dark nights of the soul to mine the gems and then bring them forward in service to others.
Perhaps you’ve never wanted to build a business. Or perhaps having the freedom of your own business lights you up! 

What I want to know is if you desire to answer the calling of your

soul and to live a life that is authentic to you?

And if you desire to serve others create meaningful, lasting change in their lives? 

One of the most powerful vehicles I know to do these things is by taking your unique gifts forward into the world in service to others through a healthy, sustainable, healing practice.

And if that is something you’re struggling with, we would love to help.


Make a great living and build your practice with integrity

Imagine doing what you love to do, and doing it without struggle. Imagine that marketing didn't feel like something that sales people do, but instead something you were confident in as a simple, aligned way to step forward, willingly, in service.

With the RIGHT business model, your marketing becomes part of your client's healing process. Never sales-y or slimy.

Find Highly committed clients that you love working with

This could be the year that you finally end the struggle to find a steady stream of clients! And that means consistent, steady, predictable income. And it means never again working with under-committed clients who are a drag on your energy (and don't get the results they want anyway!)

Learning to attract highly committed clients is a skill set. That means you can learn how to do it with mastery, integrity and JOY!

Feel confident in yourself as a practitioner and in the value you provide your clients

Being confident in yourself and the value of your work allows you to feel solid showing up in service and find safety in being seen in your gifts. Confidence is developed with experience and through reflection.    

This comes from support, inner work and by having highly committed clients who give you the feedback on the transformation they experience.   Imagine the incredible joy of witnessing your client's make courageous changes and transform their lives.

It is possible for you to find clients with ease and make a great living as a professional healer!
You Can Create A Healing Practice & Life You Love Without:
Spinning your wheels wasting time when you could be serving.
Burning out, over giving and under charging.
Struggling to make a living as you honor your soul's calling.


Jen Polo

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Canada

Andrea Maxine Frade

Teacher | Healer | Visionary Guide, New York City

Kristjan Haraldsson

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Iceland

What exactly do you receive when you join Thriving Healers?
Two monthly group business strategy sessions*
Create a clear business strategy and get busy joyfully implementing your plan! During your twice monthly group strategy calls, you'll be guided each step of the way to build your practice with integrity. Bring the challenges that are arising for you, and receive guidance to move through roadblocks, get clear on next steps, answers to all your business questions so that you never get stuck wondering what you need to be doing to get results. This is high-level business strategy and support from someone who has walked the path and helped hundreds of others do the same.

Two group supervision sessions every month*

Working your Inner Game through supervision is a critical foundation of a solid business model. We couldn't possibly leave it out of our powerful system, and it's one of the things that make this program unlike any other. Our supervisors create an incredible solid container for you to present challenging client cases and work through your own inner obstacles. These roadblocks are your keys to the transformation that will allow you to expand into the next level of your healership & business success. This is the only program of its kind that delivers business strategy and supervision together for amazing results.

*Over the program, you'll receive a combined 40 weekly sessions (including Group Supervision & Group Business Strategy Sessions)

Monthly Working sessions
Once a month, join our facilitated Working Sessions. Show up for this block of time ready to practice what you're learning, get reflection from your tribe and get work done. Our team and your fellow tribe members will be right there with you if you get stuck or need some support. This is about practicing the skills you're learning so you can master them, and having a structured space to GET WORK DONE!
Quarterly Community building gatherings
On a quarterly basis, we'll meet as a tribe to deepen our connections with one another, have fun, practice our intuitive skills, and relax. The more engaged you are to your community, the greater success of the whole! This is an opportunity to build the relationships that will catapult you forward.
Eight module training program
Our training system will guide you through our proven framework to help you get the results you're looking for. You'll learn our step-by-step system to implement the seven foundations of a sustainable business model for healers. This isn't a cookie-cutter formula. It's teaching you the foundations and skills you need to take your soul's calling forward. You'll end up with a business model that is aligned with who you are and serves your client's highest good - all while making a good living.
Tools, templates & Guides
You'll receive handouts, tools, worksheets, scripts and templates that will guide you each step of the way in creating and implementing your business model. The tools will help you save months (or years) in getting your business to the place where it's solidly making you a good living.
Access to the thriving healers membership hub
Get your personal login to the Thriving Healers Online Resource Hub! You'll find all of your trainings, tools, meeting schedule and more! Everything you need to be successful in the Thriving Healers is at the tip of your fingers.
Private monthly Laser coaching call
You'll meet once per month with your Support Coach. The Thriving Healers Support Coaches are part of our community and have gone through Thriving Healers to build their own successful practice. They are experts in supporting your progress and ensuring you are moving forward at the right pace for you.
Weekly accountability calls with a buddy
You will be paired up with a fellow member of your cohort for weekly accountability. You and your buddy will connect each week to identify key actions you want to take, celebrate wins, and cheerlead each other along the way. This is just part of our multi-layered support structure to ensure you do not stagnate in your progress.
Private mastermind group via facebook
You're invited to join our amazing community of practitioners in our private, members-only Facebook group. One of the wonderful things about Thriving Healers, is that it attracts practitioners who are devoted to service and living their calling. You'll find your tribe-members are very engaged, which is a key to success and results. We have become family and you're joining the tribe! You'll get real-time support, celebrate successes, and address challenges. This is your place to collaborate, share resources, get deeper access to Jonathan & Julie, and be fully supported in your transformation!
Monthly progess reporting
What gets measured gets done! There are MANY things you could be doing to try and grow your business but they may not be the RIGHT ones for you. We support you in tracking the actions that actually make a difference to get you results. Utilize your Progress Report to stay accountable and measure your results on a monthly basis. This ensures that you see and track your progress each step of the way!
and so much more...
Nina Twombly

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, New Mexico

Jackie Crittenden

Full-time RN & Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Atlanta, GA

Tina Marie Ji

Graduate of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Los Angeles, CA

Let's Do It!

What our students say...

My income has increased by 50% since I began to utilize the Thriving Healer tools! I now offer packages instead of one-time sessions. I see clients only 4 days a week and make double the income. I just had my first $10,000 month and am now consistently booking clients into my $10,000 program.

I actually know that I've got income looking forward months out, rather then wondering week to week if I'll make enough to pay my bills...

My biggest win has been the acknowledgment and acceptance that I'm really good at what I do and I can "expect", "long" and "want" to make a generous sustainable living doing it.

- Kathy Kelly, Founder, Healing Therapies of New England

With the help of Thriving Healers, I have met my income goals and continue to expand them.

Julie helped me take the right steps in the right way so that I could build my practice with integrity, which allows me an ever deepening connection with self and others.

This effects how I hold myself and my work as I speak about what I do and how I can be of service to clients. She helped me organize the words that clearly communicate who I am and what I do so that clients can already feel the strong and safe container of working with me.

I did not have to waste time or wonder what to do differently. I had the strong and well structured container of the program and her expertise and heart guiding me. I loved the feeling of confidence I had moving forward in my work and my life - building my practice.

Julie and Jonathan have helped me learn to grow with greater ease and grace. Instead of me "doing" all the business things....I get to experience my work growing ME which feels more effortless and supportive. I am learning to take in the support that already exists rather than believing I have to "do it all" myself.

I feel full and excited, fulfilling my purpose this life.

Thriving Healers is not just a business journey, it is a Soul journey.

- Amy Wilder, Professional Energy Healer, Wilder Energetics

I have moved on from Julie's program to bring in more income and new connections that are very profitable.


Already my income has increased as I address groups of people instead of one-on-one clients. This has happened in a few months and continues to grow. I have raised my prices!

I am grateful for Julie, because I could not, for the life of me, make that clear marketing statement. She helped me get to where I can clearly share a clear statement of my particular expertise.

- Sheilagh Mercer, Healer & Artist

My first big win with Thriving Healers was learning the enrollment conversation. I started by offering a package of 6 sessions for $900. I booked 5 clients and made $4500 in the first 2 weeks of the program!

Within the year of Thriving Healers I was able to build my transformational program and I'm now consistently enrolling clients for a 9 month commitment at $7200.

My group meets once a week on Zoom and I am well on my way to earning more than I did in my old career and working WAY LESS. If you told me then that I could make a sustainable living and only work 1 day a week I would have said "yeah right."

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my schedule allows me to care for her with out the need for outside child care. I have the energy to be fully present with my clients and I feel grounded in my commitment to supporting them through their healing journey.

My all time favorite aspect of this program is the support I've gained from Julie, Jonathan and the healers I've been in groups with. I now feel that I am a part of a healing community and I have made life long friendships with people on a similar spiritual path.

-Maxine Dillon, Professional Energy Healer to Creative Professionals

I joined Thriving Healers because I was looking for a real and lasting way of making income as a new professional healer.


Within two months I experienced a revenue increase of over 45 percent! I recently had my first $10k month. 

Through the program, I gained self-confidence in my ability to build a healing business for myself.

I feel really strong in my offerings now and very fluent in how I translate those offerings through intimate and supportive conversations with potential clients. Those conversations have been transformational just by themselves.

I recommend Thriving Healers to those who want a guided template as well as deep support as they pursue their goals as professional healers.

-Tina Marie Ji, Energy Healing Counselor

Through working with Julie I am watching my business take off.

 I'm letting go of the idea that promoting my work is difficult and embracing the freedom that comes with owning my potential.

I offer a unique and valuable service and Julie is helping me connect that with clients and dollars. This way everyone wins! If you have any measure of "poverty mentality" check Julie out.

- Denise LaBarre, Healing Catalyst, Author & Body Whisperer

What's covered in the step-by-step Thriving Healers Training Course?

Here is exactly what you'll receive inside of the program:


This module provides enough value to be worth the investment of the whole program. Our members have used this module to make tens of thousands of dollars in income. You'll learn how to quickly start enrolling highly committed clients into your practice from exactly where you are.  

part 1: time management / productivity

Set clear intentions and goals for the year.


Learn how to break down your goals into achievable monthly, weekly and daily actions.


Manage your time well - get clear what actions are important so you eliminate overwhelm and make consistent, steady progress.

part 2: quick start to new clients now

Get started and find your first (or next) handful of clients so you get cash flow coming in immediately


Create a "Quick Start" offering and begin enrolling clients into a $1000+ package of sessions immediately.


Reach out to "low-hanging-fruit" and use the step-by-step Quick Start Guides & email templates to schedule enrollment conversations with potential clients.


Begin by slowing down in order to speed up. in thriving healers you'll learn the inside-out approach to building your healing practice so that it's sustainable in the long term. here you'll get crystal clear on your calling, and your unique message/medicine for the world. 


Connect with your vision and the energy that wants to move through you so you can create from the inside out.


Receive a meditation to connect with this energy daily.

part 2: your unique medicine

Get crystal clear on your UNIQUE medicine - the articulation of your soul's purpose into service.


Connect deeply to your "WHY" so you can overcome self-doubt and create from your higher purpose.


Write your own journey of transformation that profoundly connects you emotionally with your potential clients.


Begin to understand your unique medicine on a much deeper level.